Sunday February 23 2020
Panama - Credit Rating at 63.00

Standard & Poor's credit rating for Panama stands at BBB+ with stable outlook. Moody's credit rating for Panama was last set at Baa1 with stable outlook. Fitch's credit rating for Panama was last reported at BBB with negative outlook.

Wednesday February 19 2020
Panama Remittances at 122285.00 PAB Thousand

Remittances in Panama decreased to 122285 USD Million in 2019 from 125663 USD Million in 2019.

Tuesday February 18 2020
Panama Unemployment Rate at 7.10 percent

Unemployment Rate in Panama increased to 7.10 percent in 2019 from 6 percent in 2018.

Monday February 17 2020
Panama Cpi Housing Utilities at 102.68 points

Cpi Housing Utilities in Panama increased to 102.68 points in January from 102.11 points in December of 2019.

Monday February 17 2020
Panama CPI Transportation at 103.62 points

The transportation sub-index of the CPI basket in Panama increased to 103.62 points in January of 2020 from 103.08 points in December of 2019.

Monday February 17 2020
Panama Consumer Price Index Cpi at 104.75 points

Consumer Price Index Cpi in Panama increased to 104.75 points in January from 104.60 points in December of 2019.

Monday February 17 2020
Panama Food Inflation at -0.50 percent

Cost of food in Panama decreased 0.50 percent in January of 2020 over the same month in the previous year.

Monday February 17 2020
Panama Inflation Rate MoM at 0.10 percent

The Consumer Price Index in Panama decreased 0.20 percent in December of 2019 over the previous month.

Monday February 17 2020
Panama Inflation Rate at 0.40 percent

Consumer prices in Panama rose 0.4 percent year-on-year in January 2020, rebounding from a 0.1 percent decline in the previous month. It was the highest inflation rate since November 2018, boosted by cost of transport (2.6 percent compared to 0.7 percent in December); housing & utilities (1.6 percent compared to 0.2 percent); and education (1.3 percent compared to 0.7 percent). In contrast, prices of food & beverages dropped 0.5 percent, faster than a 0.4 percent decline in December; and cost of alcoholic beverages & tobacco slowed to 1.2 percent from 1.5 percent. On a monthly basis, consumer prices edged up 0.1 percent, after decreasing 0.2 percent in the prior month.

Thursday February 13 2020
Panama Balance of Trade at -963797.58 PAB Thousand

Panama’s trade deficit narrowed to PAB 963.8 million in December 2019 from PAB 1091.2 million in the same of the previous year. Exports jumped 18.5 percent over a year earlier to PAB 48.0 million, driven by higher sales of banana (6.8 percent); fish oil & flour (303.5 percent); meat (319.1 percent); and shrimp (6.2 percent). Imports declined 10.6 percent to PAB 1011.8 million, mainly due to lower purchases of consumption goods (-3.1 percent), in particular non-durable products (-4.2 percent), semi-durable (-2.6 percent), and fuels & lubricants (-2.1 percent); intermediate (-15.5 percent), namely raw materials & industrial intermediate goods (-9.5 percent) and construction materials (-34 percent); and capital (-19.9 percent), of which construction (-28.8 percent) and other capital goods (-3.8 percent). Considering full 2019, the country’s trade gap widened to USD 12123.1 million from USD 12560.7 million in 2018.